FREE TRAIN secures your device for running & intense training

When you are looking for the perfect vest for short duration runs or intense workouts, look no further than the Free Train running vest. Very often, there is a struggle with what to carry or wear during a run when their water or nutrition needs are minimal while still having the ability to carry two essential items for today’s runner – keys and a phone. The Free Train vest is designed perfectly for just those two items.

The pouch for the phone is centered right in the middle of the chest for optimal weight distribution and buttons firmly to the vest with a single top button. When you need to access the phone, you simply unbutton it, and it lays out in front of you in the pouch with a clear cover. I found the cover very workable in allowing me to text or answer calls or do any function with the phone without having to take it out of the pouch. Once you are done- you just button it back up and you are on your way again. It also keeps your phone close so you can rock out on your favorite tunes with ear buds.

The single pouch for the key is located high on the collarbone area on the left side of the vest. With an easy zipper is securely fits any key fob or key that you would need to carry with you, so you don’t have to stress about somebody finding your secret key hiding place around your car while you run. The vest has adjustable straps around the midsection to allow for a nice firm fit and no bouncing during the run. 

For short runs, this is the way to go. For $29.99 US this is a great value. Check out FREE TRAIN @

Written by Rusty Cannon

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