INOV8 PARKCLAW 275 delivers performance & durability

This trail shoe is very impressive. My first testing of an INOV8 shoe and I couldn’t be more pleased with the performance. I put over 100 miles on these bad boys and the overall experience is fantastic.

TREAD- This is labeled as a transitional shoe. I was very comfortable in the INOV8 Parkclaw taking this on advanced terrain because the tread is phenomenal. The grip is as good as any high end trail shoe that I have ever tested in the last 10 years. The pattern of the studs is positioned exactly in the right places to make every strike secure and fluid.

LACING- The laces are very secure and create a great anchor through the upper. The tongue of the shoe centers comfortable and is balanced between lacing holes.

CUSHIONING- This shoe has great cushioning balancing between cushy and feel. Flying downhill this shoe can absorb the pounding. I really like how the cushioning handles any terrain. With a weight of
275g / 9.625oz INOV8 Parkclaw cushioning delivers like a bulkier shoe without the excess.

UPPER- The upper is really durable and keeps out the debris. With protective welding strategically positioned this shoe is made to last. I cannot see any visible wearing of the upper even after 100 miles.

OVERALL- This shoe for $130 US is a great value. I am thoroughly pleased with every aspect of this trail shoe. The INOV8 Parkclaw can take tough trails with ease. I could not find anything wrong with this shoe.

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