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In the world of shoes there are only 2 that have claimed the  GELDER GEAR GURU GREAT GOODS.  

The SAUCONY KINVARA 5 is the 1st recipient of the prestigious GELDER GEAR GURU GREAT GOODS award for 2014.  Let me explain why:

The KINVARA 5 is the lightest road shoe that I have tested ever!  With most light shoes there is some sacrificing of the cushioning when there is no weight.  Not here, the EVA foam is incredibly comfortable and really a treat for the feet.  Look at this picture of the sole.

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This shoe has incredible absorption.  Each foot strike is smooth from heel to toe.  Cruising downhill fast this gives a smooth roll with no drag.

This is definitely a more neutral shoe.  The PRO LOCK technology has an anchor that wraps the sides of the shoe under a very breathable liner.  The PRO LOCK keeps the foot in the perfect position for every stride.

Durability of the shoe is very impressive.  I have seen that softer lighter shoes break down faster.  Not the KINVARA 5.  This shoe is handling the high miles with no problems top to bottom.  The thin breathable liner is strong.  The flexfilm has been placed strategically through the upper to create a solid structure.

This shoe is so comfortable I find myself reaching for it when I am doing cross training workouts.   I go sockless with this shoe in any scenario you can imagine.  No blistering, no hot spots.  The mesh liner breaths perfectly.

I actually weighed this shoe against 2 other popular road shoes.  The KINVARA 5 came in about 1 ounce less per shoe. 2 ounces lighter in a pair.  SAUCONY has created an amazing balance between cushioning, durability, light, and fast.  This shoe is AMAZING!  for $100 this is a great value.

This shoe is great for racing, training, or your next pair for the summer months.

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