Trail Shoe Review- Adidas, Adistar Raven Boost


“With the Adistar Raven Boost, Adidas Outdoor has proven that they have the design chops, to create what endurance athletes need.”



Adistar Raven Boost Beta

– Drawcord speed-lacing system
– Weight of 12 oz (men’s size 9)
– Breathable mesh lining
– Textile and synthetic upper
– ADIWEAR™ outsole for durability
– Continental™ rubber lugs for sticky grip
– Midsole filled with boost™ for a cushioned/responsive feel
– Retail $150


As you’ve probably noticed in the last few years, consumers have figured out that Adidas Outdoor has become a heavy contender in the area of quality, technical gear. While the outdoor community has know this for many years, the endurance community has taken a little longer to pay attention. When it comes to letting go of the impression that Adidas is a vanity label—a notion they no-doubt picked up in the eighth grade—they are certainly making a big mistake. With the Adistar Raven Boost, Adidas Outdoor has proven that they have the design chops, to create what endurance athletes need.


Look and Feel

First of all, I loved the styling on the Raven Boost. The understated black is sleek and the pop of bright color accents, easily translate to men or women. Sizing ran slightly small for me, so if you’re like me and you fall between half sizes, I recommend sizing up with the Boost.

boostThe cushioned, semi-attached tongue gave the shoes a slipper-like feel when putting them on. They come with a removable, minimal 6mm insole that was nicely cupped, but the big winner for me was the cushioning that surrounds the heel and achilles. It was super comfortable when running, with just enough to provide a bit of a heel lock. Despite all this coziness, the shoe is not made to be worn without socks, so be aware that even though the seams are well-finished, they aren’t perfectly flat.

The Raven Boost midsole was responsive and, for me, sits in the perfect spot between the super cushioned brands and extreme minimalist. I especially noticed this on the downhill portions of trail runs, when my joints usually take the biggest beating. While I’m still recovering from a bout with Lyme disease, kindness to my joints has been of paramount importance. For this reason, I would easily recommend the Boost to anyone seeking more cushion because of injury, excess weight etc. For those looking for a softer ride, but aren’t ready to pull on the Hokas, the Raven Boost might be that perfect fit.


IMG_5123Favorite Features

There were a few features on the Raven Boost that really caught my eye. First, the drawcord speed lacing system is more durable than some brands with similar styling, was easy to adjust, and tucks away neatly in the hooded tongue. Next, the breathable, mesh lining kept feet at a comfortable temperature, but be aware that the water draining is only so-so from soaking wet. However, my favorite feature on the Raven Boost was the well-designed sole. Made with a combination of an ADIWEAR™ outsole, for durability, and Continental™ sticky rubber lugs, the feel on trail was superb. Regardless of the terrain, foot placement felt stable and secure—even during river crossings. Some reviewers have found the Boost to be a bit too flexible in the forefoot area, especially toward the end of a long run or on really rocky terrain, so if you have a tendency to get achy in the mid-foot area, you may want to consider options with a stiffer outsole. As for me, the Boost scored high marks with its rounded, roomy toebox and responsive feel in the forefoot—I found the flexibility to be just right.


Final Say

I absolutely recommend the Adistar Raven Boost for athletes seeking a responsive, flexible shoe with that extra bit of boost in the mid-sole. At first glance, I thought the Boost might be priced a bit high, but after testing the shoe, and seeing how well it sits between the two extreme midsole movements, I think it’s carved out a pretty comfortable place for itself.


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