POWERHANDZ weighted training gloves

There are many unique tools and accessories to use in training workouts, and occasionally one of them really stands out.  The POWERHANDZ sparked my curiosity.  Gloves with pouches of weight evenly distributed into fingers and the back of the hand.  The pouches are filled with iron sand to enhance your efforts.  These gloves can intensify almost any workout.

We tested these out running roads, trails, during a full body cross training workout, and during a visit to the batting cages.

During running I really liked wearing these gloves.  They make 3 miles feel more like 5 or 6.  And running with these gloves intensifies muscle motion in the upper body and core.  This helps to focus on better upper body form during running.

During a cross training workout doing kettle bell swings, burpees, situps, etc. the POWERHANDZ provide excellent grip with a soft and smooth sheep skin grip.  Depending on size it is adding only a couple pounds per hand. The gloves are very comfortable.  They have to be worn with a snug fit so they won’t go flying off at any moment.


When we took POWERHANDZ to the batting cages we were swinging at 20 pitches 5 different times. It was about 60 degrees Fahrenheit and we were heating up. Swinging with the weighted gloves increased tension throughout the swing and increased overall difficulty as repetitions increased.    Without the gloves it was easy street with the gloves it required extra focus effort and endurance.


Overall the POWERHANDZ create a way to increase intensity in your sport.  Will they enhance your workouts?  Yes they will.  These gloves magnify muscle usage immediately.  I am looking forward to taking them to the GOLF COURSE.

Retail $69.99


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