Book Review: The Triathlete Guide to Sprint and Olympic Triathlon Racing

The Triathlete Guide to Sprint and Olympic Triathlon Racing
By Chris Foster and Ryan Bolton

Retail $24.95, Paperback

The authors of The Triathlete Guide to Sprint and Olympic Triathlon Racing,  (The Triathlete Guide) clearly know what they’re talking about—their resumes, and hard-earned expert knowledge elicit more than the raise of an eyebrow. Chris Foster is senior editor at Triathlete magazine and former pro triathlete. Ryan Bolton, himself a former pro triathlete, coaches everyone from first-timers to Olympic athletes. Thankfully, even with their mass of collective experience the book reads more like a training manual from a trusted friend, and less like a scientific information dump.

The material in The Triathlete Guide is intended for everyone from newbies to seasoned triathletes. For new athletes, a brief history of triathlon and short-course racing is followed by a break-down of gear essentials—and favorite non-essentials—to simplify the beginning process. Techniques in each of the three disciplines are then discussed to increase speed and proficiency across all experience levels.

In the second half, Foster dives into the meat of training with discussions about training phases, drills, strategy, transitions and finally, a mass of comprehensive training plans. While I would happily recommend The Triathlete Guide to any level of athlete (the training plans alone make it worth the price), the book ultimately shines as an ideal guide for all new athletes. Simply put, if one of my friends asked for a recommendation about short course training, this would be the book.

The amount of information available for triathlon training can be overwhelming. In The Triathlete Guide to Sprint and Olympic Triathlon Racing, Foster and Bolton have sifted out the unnecessary miles and effort and put a simplified, comprehensive training manual in your hand. Let me emphasize again, the book is appropriate for any level of athlete—it’s well worth the price. Their use of targeted training plans and drills will put focused skill and fun back into sprint and olympic racing, and still allow time for you to live the rest of your life to the fullest.

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