NEW GU Probiotic & Magnesium capsules

A few years ago GU came out with the BCAA capsules.  I visited with their in house nutritionist. After learning about the great benefits of BCAAs I was excited to try them out. They are great supplements and I definitely was helped by them.  Now you can add Probiotic & Magnesium to the selection. 

To stay strong and healthy during training our bodies need essential minerals & supplements.  These capsules keep you physically balanced.  The Magnesium should be taken before bedtime.  It promotes comfortable sleeping and helps repair sore muscles.  Containing Magnesium, Zinc, and vitamin C this blend helps to maximize the sleep hours for optimum health.  I like the way that I feel waking up in the morning after taking this.  I am more refreshed and ready to hit the day running. 

Today we have so many things that are Antibiotic, or Antibacterial. These capsules can help keep the balance of all the good bacteria in your system strong.  This should be taken regularly especially after having a series of antibiotics. 

GU has pinpointed supplements that can really have an impact on your training outcomes.  The price for these capsules is reasonable.  $19 US for the Magnesium and $29 US for the Probiotic. 60 Capsules in each.

I am impressed with these new supplements and already am feeling like it has given me a leg up in my overall health and wellness. When you increase your training you need to increase how you refuel your body and mind.

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