BEACHBODY Performance line

Want better results? Use higher quality supplements.  The New BEACHBODY Performance line has all these products available now for your training needs.  This line up is high quality that is definetely worth a try.

I think the name BEACHBODY is deceiving.  At first glance it sounds to me like a female specific diet or workout routine.  Well, I was wrong.  It is definitely not the first time.  BEACHBODY was started in 1998.  This company focuses on health and wellness comprehensively.  Not just a product, not just a diet.  There is something for all aspects of fitness.  Whether you are looking for a workout routine, a trainer, a specific weight loss program.  A complete array of offerings to achieve your fitness goals. We had the opportunity to test out the NEW Performance line.

BEACHBODY Performance line

4 Specific Nutrition products:  all of these are in powder formulas.

-ENERGIZE-Pre Workout: Get the energy you need before your workout.  This formula will help increase focus and add just enough to get through the toughest workouts. Preparation before you hit the intense training is smart.  This formula can help you achieve top performance.

-HYDRATE-During Workout:  This replenishes what the body loses during training.  Water alone cannot hydrate.  This formula actually restores vital nutrients to keep your body moving.  With high quality ingredients. Low sugar.

-RECOVER- Protein Shake:  This is a great product!  Having used several recovery Protein shake brands this one tops the list.  Try this and you will notice a difference after a few uses.  I think it has something to do with the time released proteins.  The smooth power packed ingredients taste great.    This assuredly reduces muscle soreness.  Many times using this and doing the same workout as my training partner and she is sore and I am not.  This formula was the difference.  Unique ingredient is Pomegranate extract.

-RECHARGE- Healing during sleep:  This is the first product that I have tried for sleep recovery.  I really like the taste.  Most of all I like the way I feel the next day.  I look forward to using this in the future.  The formula has time released proteins to assist with lean muscle synthesis.  Not sure what that is but it sounds really cool.  Unique ingredient is Tart Cherry.

Overall the combination of these products can deliver great results.  I am especially impressed with the RECOVER and RECHARGE.  The only thing I don’t like is the name.  It assumes that everyone wants a stereotypical beach body.  I want a Mountain Body.

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