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GU products are fantastic for endurance events. GU energy has developed Boon to have nourishing food that fuels you for the next adventure and can be used in your every day fueling.

Heading into a new year we all have a list of things to improve, change or slightly adjust. One of those things is how we fill our kitchens (fueling stations) with the meaningful, purposeful food that will get the job done while being organic. I find myself going through a shift after the holidays recognizing that I cannot eat treats and high carb goodies for an extended period of time. In short the holiday eating has to stop. It seems that it starts a little during Thanksgiving and then ramps up in December with a huge bang the week of Christmas and New Years. This year Boon gives us some incredible options with great flavor to kick off a healthier year.

Boon Stroopewafel comes in Cinnamon, Ginger, & Vanilla. The ingredients in the Boon Stroopwafel are a blend of ancient grains and healthy flavoring. These contain mostly organic ingredients. These flavors are more subtle and really can be enjoyed in a variety of ways. I like these because they come with less calories than the GU wafels and don’t include the amino acids. My favorite GU wafel is the COCONUT! Comparing the ingredients you can see that this is a nutrient rich snack that will fuel the day even when their is not a START or FINISH line. One of my favorite things is to have the Stroopwafel cover the top of a hot cup of cocoa. The steam warms it up and softens it perfectly.

The Boon Almond butters are SO delicious! I tried Sweet Ginger & Chai Spice. These are bold flavors that taste great on bananas, apples, and toast, etc. My wife especially liked these flavors because the sweetness doesn’t overpower the almond flavor like some almond butters. These smooth flavors can be used in so many different ways. One idea that I found on the Boon website is dipping the Stroopwafel in the almond butters. This cozy snack is good anytime. Or use the almond butters in some of your own favorite recipes. Check out the website for great ideas to enjoy these great flavors.

In summary GU energy has created Boon a great line of everyday food that is sweet, savory and delicious not just on race day.

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