Protein Recovery Drink Review- CLIF

There are few things that make me happier than a care package from CLIF! I was more than happy to review the Clif Protein Recovery Drink Mix.




Why do I need a recovery drink?

One of the major keys to faster split times and a long-term increase in performance, is effective recovery. A big part of recovery is providing your body with the tools it needs to rebuild—this includes key elements like sodium, protein and carbohydrates—ideally within a 30-minute window after your workout.


 What we love about Clif’s Protein Recovery Drink Mix

After-workout protein shakes were never meant to be a meal replacement. It’s easy to understand why other companies are tempted to cram as many daily vitamins into these drinks as possible, but it’s just not necessary. Clif has stripped their Protein Mix of all the ingredients that have been proven to show no performance benefit for athletes. Instead, they have opted to provide the athlete with, “…high-quality whey and milk protein (casein) to help rebuild muscle, organic glucose to help restore muscle glycogen and sodium to replenish what is lost during activity.”

As an athlete knocking on 40 years in a few weeks, my stomach isn’t what it used to be. Years of supplements and drinks with an unnecessary quantity of protein have given me a sensitive stomach—it took a few years to figure out that more isn’t always better! I can say that I haven’t had any stomach issues with the Clif Protein Recovery Drink Mix, even after using it almost daily, for the last few months. It contains 70% organic ingredients and no synthetic flavoring, making it easy to digest.


But how does it TASTE?

Compared to other Protein Recovery Drinks, it tastes pretty good, and I’ve had some really bad ones, so I have plenty to compare it with! It does come in Orange Mango—which we haven’t tried—but the truth is, if your protein shake tastes like your grandma’s chocolate pie, you’re probably better off just eating the pie, cause your not getting much from your protein shake.


Final Say

Clif stands firmly in its declaration that supplements should be just that—a supplement to the daily balanced diet of a health-conscious fan base. Their Protein Recover Drink Mix is great evidence of this commitment—slimmed down, easily assimilated and created from organic ingredients.


For more information about Clif products, go to:


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