HEALTH WARRIOR Chia & Protein Bars

Health warrior is a company with a mission to assist in providing healthy diet and exercise habits.  They want to help  fuel that positive momentum with radically convenient superfoods.  Of course this is empahsized with a wide selection of bars with lots of CHIA seeds.  Packed with superfood ingredients these bars deliver high quality nutrition in a small package.

Health Warrior uses CHIA seeds as the primary ingredient for all their bars.  With an amazing variety of flavors the principal ingredient takes on the taste.  For example the coconut tastes like coconut.  The flavors differ enough that even eating one every day they dont get boring.  The small 100 calorie bars are really good but not a good meal replacement.

Now they have recently created a little bigger size PROTEIN bar.  With a little change in ingredients and a bigger size this bar packs 10 grams of plant protein.  The flavors are a little different thus broadening the variety.  The larger bar is more suited for a meal replacement.  I really like the Chocolate Coconut PROTEIN bar.  The coconut flavor really comes through.

One suggestion is to definetely drink plenty of water when consuming Health Warrior CHIA bars.  Even though they are soft the seeds do absorb water.  Through digestion some people need to adjust to seeds initially and it may feel like a laxative.  This was not a problem for me.  I really like the bars.

There are so many times that I want to have CHIA seeds.  I put it in my yogurt, smoothie, oatmeal, granola, cereal.  If I am in a rush it is great to grab the Health Warrior Chia bar.  The little 100 calorie bar is a great portable superfood to take on the longer training ride or that big adventure.

When I eat the Health Warrior CHIA seed bars I feel better.  Overall this food makes my digestion smooth and easy.  For more information about these bars check out


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