NEW GU LIQUID ENERGY GEL is different when you really need it

GU gels are fantastic. I am a big fan and really like the variety of flavors. None the less during a long event as the hours pass it becomes more difficult to put down even my favorite chocolate coconut. We all tend to get bored of the same flavor. Part of the reason for this dilemma is the same texture over and over again. That is why the NEW Liquid Energy Gel is a great option.

Think about the last time you consumed various gels in a long race or recreational event. There is a distinct moment when you crave something unique. Something quick easy with more gulp than swallow. The Liquid goes down quick because it is drinkable.

GU Liquid Energy Gel is like a reset button for your digestion & taste buds. GU Liquid has the same great ingredients but physiologically is broken down in our bodies more rapidly. Because of this the body absorption happens a little quicker with the Liquid Energy Gel.

The Liquid Energy Gel is 2 ounces instead of 1 like the GU classic gel. This thinner consistency dissolves easier more rapidly into the blood stream. Making this an ideal option for the tail end of longer training sessions or when you need a kick. Personally I like the option to have this type of variety. The larger pack is still very packable and can fold easier than the original.

The ingredients for Liquid Energy Gel is the same as classic GU and the same amount of calories. There is a psychological and physical benefit to mixing up nutrition. Anyone that says a classic gel doesn’t sit well in their gut they should give the NEW Liquid Energy Gel a try. I am really excited about this additional option for my nutrition quiver. Of course caffeinated is an option too. now they just need to get a COCONUT flavor.

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