RAW REVOLUTION or better known as RAW REV has been making amazing energy bars for the discerning consumer for years.

When I first learned about RAW REVOLUTION it was becuase I was looking for a bar that didnt freeze.  I wanted something easier to consume in cold temperatures.  The RAW REVOLUTION original Organic bars are perfect for that.  The newer GLO bars are great when you want to diversify your flavors.  The RAW REV GLO has several unique flavors to choose from including the newest flavor DOUBLE CHOCOLATE BROWNIE BATTER.  With 12 grams of protein in the Superfood blend of Cashews, Pea Protein, Brown Rice Protein, Raw organic Virgin Coconut oil, Raw Organic Chia Seeds, and Raw organic Sprouted Flax seeds.  This bar is loaded with all the good stuff.

It is a great snack for the 10am, or 3 pm hunger spots.  This new flavor is a great option to satisfy those chocolate cravings.  Check out all the chocolate flavors represented in the whole RAW REV lineup.  https://rawrev.com/collections/all

We visited the headquarters 2 years ago.  Here is an excerpt from that visit.

It was fascinating to see the bars being mixed up, packaged, and boxed at the RAW REV headquarters.  This process is really amazing and seeing it start to finish was really impressive.  These bars don’t have any artificial, or processed fillers.  The contents are all high quality.  Seeing the bars come through I was able to see with my own eyes what I have always expected.   This process was fascinating and more than assured me that my favorite bar maker has a fine tuned process.

Alice and David are both very passionate about real raw, organic, and vegan ingredients.  The bars are certified Kosher, Vegan, and Organic.  I first met David at the Outdoor Retailer show in 2006.  I was very  interested in the bars after I tasted the samples.  David really helped me to understand the importance of the different high quality ingredients.  I have learned so much about nutrition from him over the years and it has thoroughly helped to fuel my endurance life.  I will typically eat one RAW REV bar per day.  And 2 per day in high training periods where hunger lingers I will eat a bar about 10 or 11am and another at 2 or 3pm.  The broad variety of flavors gives options so your taste buds never get bored.

RAW REVOLUTION has high standards to develop this high quality, delicious, and nutritious food. Pick some up it will not disappoint.

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