Pso-Rite softens some of the worst & hard to reach knots

Using Pso-Rite melts difficult knots smooth and quickly.  Especially helping with back pain.

At first glance it looks like a half-pipe for finger
skateboards.  The PSO-RITE is a fully
symmetrical molded plastic.  Super
durable and smoothed out to melt the tightest most difficult muscles that seem
to plague us from serious training or injury.  
The uses are limitless.  Here are
some of my favorite ways to use it. 

Back pain- This is great for any part of the back. Carefully laying onto the points and centering my spine in the middle.  Carefully moving around to get some releases.  Breath really deeply to get the different positions of these stubborn muscles.  Carefully doing this on every section of the back.  Using pillows to carefully position the points is a good idea. 

Gluteus – getting in the crab position and resting my glutes on the Points.  Let the points really dig into the tissue and move around in a circular motion.  If you have used a tennis ball for this you will die over this.  So much more precise & effective than a tennis ball.

Psoas- This hard to reach muscle embed deep inside.
Another example of where a tennis ball may help but this really hits the
spot.  Laying on it in a planking
position and just lay there at least 30+ seconds.  This is something that when done regularly
helps with the whole core.  Loosening up
the Psoas helps the back, hips and legs. 
As we often say with health related solutions:  IT IS ALL CONNECTED.

PSO-RITE Comes in several sizes.  The little keychain size is great to massage muscles in hands and arms.  The various sizes can be used for neck and feet. 

keychain size goes with me everywhere

As you think about getting your endurance athlete something good for the Holidays look no further.  A quick look at the video of some of the uses you can see how helpful this tool will be. 

Check out the different sizes and pricing @

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