MALK cold pressed nut milk is very delicious

Three cousins set out to develop simply delicious nut milks in 2014.  The finished product is amazing, and its MALK.

MALK was brought together by 3 cousins that decided to really go the distance and create cold pressed nut milks.  This story starts out with a concerned mother.  She needed a healthy non dairy milk solution for her child.  August is the concerned mother and mastermind of this marvelous creation.  Joel is her cousin and co-founder.  I had the opportunity to speak with him about the rapid growth of MALK.

When I asked Joel about the growth of the company he said they were in 300 stores last year now over 1500.  Then I asked what is different about MALK?  Here are a few key points that he shared:

-MALK is the first company to bring pecan milk to market.  And the Maple pecan milk is off the hook!  simply amazing.  This is such a unique flavor and when you taste it there is not a weird funny aftertaste.

-MALK prides themselves on using simple clean ingredients.  Everything is done on location in Houston Texas.

-Simple is delicious- even the Maple Pecan Milk that I crave night and day has only 5 ingredient.

-Compare the ingredients of the Cold pressed MALK.  You will not find hard to define scientific ingredients.  Every ingredient is plain and simple.

-These nut milks are never heated.  The typical pasteurizing process changes the taste significantly.

-How many ingredients does your almond milk have?  At one time or another you have probably wondered about the various ingredients that are in  various foods and beverages.  Healthy eaters are used to checking these ingredients.

-Discerning consumers are thrilled with MALK.

Visiting with Joel about the distinct ways that MALK has set themselves apart from other nut milks was fascinating.   Joel was spot on. MALK is absolutely delicious.  Almond milk, Cashew milk, pecan milk, and maple pecan milk are the tastiest nut milks I have ever had.  This is the most refreshing nut milk.  MALK cold pressed has a light clean taste. The subtle flavors are very appealing because they leave a clean after taste without any weird residue.

Having MALK on granola in the morning with cereal is a real treat.  The Maple Pecan Milk is definitely my favorite flavor.  Drinking any flavor of MALK plain is amazing.  I never thought I would say that about almond milk.  The almond milk is 3 ingredients Almonds, himalayan salt, filtered water.  MALK is the type of cold pressed nut milk that you could pick up to go along with lunch or a snack.  I love it for breakfast over cereal or in my smoothie.

In conclusion MALK is:

Organic, Non GMO, Gluten free, BPA free, Dairy free, contains no caradeeman, and is plant based.  The only down side of MALK is once you try it all other nut milks will be inferior and you will crave it all the time!  And because it has to be refrigerated the shelf life is not as long as other preservative filled, pasteurized options.  Here is their website with more information.


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