Salomon NEW XA Elevate the trail shoe you really want

It is not a surprise that the XA franchise is the best selling trail running shoe in the outdoor industry.

This shoe delivers great performance in a variety of conditions.


After a couple of great test runs in the XA Elevate.  I decided to take them with me on the INCA trail to Machu Picchu.  Fortunately I knew that the fit was excellent and this type of trail running shoe would be great for long hours on the trails.  I wore them all along the whole 26 mile trek over 4 days.  The INCA trail is very well traveled and the elevation tops out at 13,800.


One of my favorite days on the trail was cruising up the INCA steps.  The change from rocks to dirt to steps.  Lots of steps. The XA Elevate shoes grip well, flex well, and provide excellent sole protection while still allowing for great feeling with every step. I was especially impressed in the descent.  Flying down steps with these shoes were a blast.  With every different step up or down the shoe was comfortable from toe to heel.


The upper is breathable yet durable.  With excellent ventilation on both sides & strong sealed toes and heels to keep out moisture.  The upper is shaped to hold position comfortably with consistent performance.  Just what is necessary. This trail shoe is focused on function.


The Premium Wet Traction Contragrip makes the XA Elevate’s outsole one of the finest treads on the market.  Salomon has some of the  grippiest rubber compounds around and the XA Elevate nails it with this shoe.   The tread also has the right amount of thickness for bottom foot protection.

I am really glad I brought these shoes on the INCA trail.  I was comfortable and speedy.  A great balance in a trail shoe.

The XA Elevate has a special early release on Dec. 1st at REI.  Other retail channels March 2018.  MSRP is $130 great price for this high grade trail shoe.

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