180s EXOLITE GROOVE with waterproof Walkman mp3 combo


180s has created a great way to take your music with you on a run in cooler temperatures.  The 180s ear warmers are very comfortable and are built to work perfectly with the Walkman MP3.  180s made the ear warmers especially to be able to be worn during activity.  The combo pack comes with both the MP3 headphones and the ear warmers.  This is a much better deal than trying to purchase them separately. Running with the 180s ear warmers actually stabilizes the headphones more than if you ran without them.

My favorite part about this is the Walkman can be used for the swim.  It is waterproof for 6 feet deep so it is perfect for doing laps.  Definitely indoor swimming because the MP3 does not float.  The ear warmers are easy to take on and off.  The 180s Exolite Groove comes with the ear warmers, walkman MP3 waterproof headphones, and multiple earpiece sizes to create the perfect seal and fit.

When using the Walkman MP3 in the water I had to learn to not submerge it before putting the headphones on.  If any water goes inside the earpieces it will dampen the volume until it dries out.  I really like this unit for swimming because it is all one piece.  No wires to worry about here while running or swimming.  This is the easiest way to take music swimming.  The Walkman easily charges and syncs with itunes or your windows media player.

For just $120 US this is a great product for any runner, swimmer, or triathlete.

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