Swim training with 3 SPEEDO essentials

There are several ways to make your swim training effective and enjoyable.  Here are 3 essentials that can make your training a comfortable success. www.speedousa.com

1.  MDR 2.4 Mirrored Goggle– this goggle allows for a soft fit without digging into the eye socket to create a seal.  I have used SPEEDO swim goggles in the past.  This 2.4 model is a step above every other model that I have tried.  With the soft silicone seals and head strap this is a high quality goggle that works great in bright sunlight.  The clear open water visibility is better than a full face goggle.  The wide lens allows for the peripheral vision that you can’t get in a typical swim goggle.  The only CON about this is I wish there was a little more space in the eye cup for my eyelashes.


2. Nemesis Fins– I am not a big fan of fin training.  Now I understand why.  Most fins are stiff and rather tight and uncomfortable.  The SPEEDO Nemesis fin is a very comfortable material with room for my foot inside the fin.  The straps over the heel are very comfortable and not to tight.  The Nemesis fin looks like the fin of a humpback whale.  This is because SPEEDO has taken to smooth hydrodynamics of a real fin and put the scallops in a position that creates amazing efficiency and flow.  These are the best swim fins I have ever used.  They dry quickly and they are super light.  I have resisted training with fins because they can be heavy, uncomfortable, and they don’t feel right in the water.  These fins really become an extension of your legs.  The improved form when training with these is very noticeable even after a few swim sessions.


3. SPEEDO SWIM paddles with new thumb holster- I really like what SPEEDO has done by taking the traditional swim paddles and shaped them similar to the scallops of the Nemesis fin.  This shaping makes the pull different and smoother.  I really like the little holes in the paddle that have a line of flow valves that let water through but not without a bit of pressure.  This stabilizes the flow and helps the hand stay on track better through the whole stroke.  This particular model is new enough that it is not on the site.  Look for these soon.  You can see in my picture below that these swim paddles have a great thumb holster that keeps the paddle in position and helps to hold the paddle in the same position on every stroke.



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