Fix your kick with Swimkikfix


There are several tools that you can take to the pool.  Kickboards, fins, paddles, etc.  The Swimkikfix is a unique tool to minimize scissoring in your kick throughout your stroke.  This tool helps you keep speed and eliminate kick drag.

– The Swimkikfix really can help to focus on hydrodynamic efficiency.  In other words smooth consistent movement through the water.

– It is easy to use and not bulky.  As a basic tool this can help you to check what your kick is doing at different stages of your workout.  Wear it for a while then feel what it is like when you take it off.  Pretty quick results.

-I like the Swimkikfix for giving me a little drag.  This forces me to continually keep my form in check and not have any forceful inefficient movements.

-The price is 24.95 US.  Which for a new product seems reasonable. I could see this price dropping as it goes into mass production.

-Easy to use just strap it to your ankles.  There are 3 different lengths to choose from.  The swim tool can really help you minimize drag in your kick. There are several videos that illustrate this on their site.

In summary this is a great tool for any swimmer that wants to shave time off.  It is also a great tool for those who want a little drag during training to really help push the limits.

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