Gear Review: The Slippy

When it comes to my gear, I’m as paranoid as they come. I keep my bikes in the house, behind a locked door when they’re not in use and I can tell you exactly how many pair of goggles I own. I figure if I’m shelling out the big bucks, I’m sure as heck going to make sure my gear is functional until it spontaneously bursts into pieces. I’m the geek that rinses my wetsuit after each open water swim whether it’s the ocean or nothing more than a quick dip in a reservoir. I’ve cringed with terror as a fellow athletes have inadvertently dug their nails into their $300 wetsuit; the very reason I have maintained short nails for the last four years.


There are various methods associated with the ‘wetsuit dance’, often observed in transition, ranging from Pam covered bodies to products like TriSwim or Body Glide. One that seems to be rising in popularity is the ‘plastic bag’ trick. Naturally, I was intrigued when I came upon The Slippy so I decided to give the owner a call to learn more. This idea makes my growing list of ‘wish I’d thought of that’ products. Here’s how it works… put the bootie on your foot, slip your foot into your wetsuit and repeat with your other leg and arms. It’s that simple and works remarkably well. The price point is great, $9.99, it’s reusable, kind to your wetsuit and I can get rid of one more need for a plastic bag. This one is a winner, and it’s a good thing, I think the sharks are starting to get a taste for the Pam. For purchase information go to:


The Slippy

Contest: Want to get your meaty little hands on a Slippy of your own? Go to the TriEdge facebook page and tell us your method for slipping into your wetsuit. Contest begins Monday (2/27), and ends Tuesday (2/ 28) 3:00pm MST. Two winners will be chosen at random and notified shortly after contest closes. Contest is open to all US residents and is void where prohibited. For contest questions contact

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