MAGIC 5 swim goggles fit perfectly in 2020

Swim goggles come in all shapes and sizes. Finding the right fit can be a challenge.

MAGIC 5 has solved the fit problem with swim goggles entirely. They have a app that you use when you purchase the goggles. The app scans your face. In this scan it is picking up contact points and shape. Then when the order is placed the data is used to create perfect fit swim goggles. With 3D printing they create a precise fit.

I had my doubts when I initially heard about the MAGIC 5 swim goggles. I went swimming for an hour in Lake Mead with a friend. He had the MAGIC 5 and He never had leaks or needed to readjust. So I had to check them out for myself. It is shocking how well they work.

The MAGIC 5 swim goggles come in 3 different tints. When they are shipped it comes in a nice protective case with details for positioning the straps. It even comes equipped with 4 different nosepieces just in case the size is a bit off. For me the size was spot on.

With most goggles I have found that you need to have the straps really tight. MAGIC 5 just needs a comfortable fit. I really like that not having them push around my eye sockets. When I finish swimming I don’t have huge ring marks. They are really comfortable.

MAGIC 5 goggles have great clear visibility. I have trouble with most swim goggles having my eyelashes rub on the lens. MAGIC 5 has a unique shape that accommodates my eye shape very well.

About 10 years ago we held a swim clinic where we tested multiple brands. We had several swimmers voice opinions about different brands and styles. I have even tested other brands since then. These are clearly the best swim goggle that I have ever used. I plan to use it for training and racing this year.

MAGIC 5 just announced a subscription program. that you can get their goggles at a discount with a regular subscription. Check out all the options @

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