RAYBOARD makes kickboard training comfortable.

The pools are now open again!! Let us celebrate with an amazing new tool for the POOL!!!

I have always avoided kickboard training in the pool because it feels very uncomfortable on my shoulders. The RAYBOARD makes a contoured shape kickboard that makes this training exercise feel natural.

RAYBOARD is a kickboard that was just released on KICKSTARTER. I saw it and had to try it out. I now take it with me every time I have a swim session. The first time I tried it I was hooked.

As you can see in this video your shoulders, neck and arms are positioned comfortably. This is our natural position. Because of the natural position and curves of the RAYBOARD I was able to relax my upper body more while focusing on efficient kick & hydrodynamics. It is ergonomically shaped to match the bend of arms, shoulders, and the lower back. Because the shape is super smooth it slides through the water effortlessly.


This is one of those products that you find on KICKSTARTER and say “where have you been all my life?” If works so well.

To get this now you can visit

For $35 US you can get the RAYBOARD and start enjoying your pool training more.

Ray-Board was designed by Norah Kolb, a high school student in Connecticut.  Norah swims competitively for her high school team and the local USA-Swimming team.  Her long hours in the pool led to shoulder pain, and she would often swim kicking sets on her back. After icing her shoulder daily and visiting the physical therapist twice a week, Norah realized it was time for a solution. And what better way to create an invention than through an 8th-grade science project! In 2018, Ray-Board was born.

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